Summer 2023 Cohort

I am privileged to participate in the Foot in The Door Initiative (FIDI), a unique and excellent program started by Osuji & Smith Lawyers, Calgary. It provides a great opportunity for Foreign-trained lawyers to learn how the practice of law works in Canada and to work with Lawyers practicing in Employment law, family law, wills and estate, litigation, and business law.

The office environment is welcoming, and the staff is knowledgeable and expert in their practice areas. Students are very well mentored. It is a law firm with a diverse team. I am grateful for this opportunity. My enormous thanks to Charles Osuji, Shikha Shukla, the program director of FIDI, and Chuk Dimiri for their support and guidance and to all Lawyers and staff of Osuji & Smith!!!

About Us

What is FIDI?

The ‘Foot in the Door’ Initiative is designed to introduce you to legal practice in Canada and help you grow your professional network here. It will open a gateway for you to seamlessly integrate into mainstream legal practice in Canada. Through this initiative, you will learn and practice essential legal skills, and gain valuable Canadian work experience. Successful completion of the program should prepare you for your journey as a new lawyer in Canada.