Empowering Internationally Trained Lawyers To Gain Legal Experience in Canada

The ‘Foot in the Door’ Initiative

FIDI program is designed to introduce you to legal practice in Canada and help you grow your professional network here.


Welcome to FIDI?

The ‘Foot in the Door’ Initiative (FIDI) is designed to introduce you to legal practice in Canada and help you grow your professional network here. It will open a gateway for you to seamlessly integrate into mainstream legal practice in Canada. Through this initiative, you will learn and practice essential legal skills, and gain valuable Canadian work experience. Successful completion of the program should prepare you for your journey as a new lawyer in Canada.

Alberta Newcomer Recognition Award For Most Inclusive Workplace

About FIDI

In 2011, Charles Osuji uprooted himself and his developing legal career and moved to Calgary from Nigeria. As an internationally trained lawyer, he faced the daunting challenges associated with starting over – re-accreditation, building a network and finding an opportunity to prove his worth. Helping others to overcome these challenges is the rock upon which Charles Osuji founded the FIDI.
The lawyers at Osuji & Smith are renowned for their expertise in employment, family, and business law, and the firm has been awarded as the top law firm in Calgary multiple times. This gives the participants the opportunity to work with experienced lawyers and gain valuable legal knowledge and expertise to help launch their own legal careers. Furthermore, the program also allows the participants to build and expand their network in the legal profession.

FIDI offers a unique opportunity for internationally trained lawyers to gain practical skills and knowledge in the practice of law in Alberta, Canada. FIDI participants accompany lawyers from Osuji and Smith in client meetings, negotiations, and court hearings. They also assist in drafting legal documents, court documents, pleadings, and letters and perform other tasks.
A key component of the FIDI program involves participants attending consultations with clients. During these sessions, participants take detailed notes and create records, gaining insight into the intricacies of client interactions, a fundamental aspect of legal practice.
Participants enrolled in the FIDI program are not mere observers; they actively engage in assisting lawyers with drafting legal documents, court pleadings, letters, and various other tasks. This hands-on approach ensures that participants develop the skills necessary for a successful legal career in the Canadian context.

FIDI is a win-win situation for both the internationally trained lawyers and the law firm. The internationally trained lawyers gain essential legal experience and valuable insight into the Canadian legal system, while the law firm benefits from the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of the participants.

FIDI is open to internationally trained lawyers who have been accessed by the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA). FIDI also welcomes law students and graduates who are interested in pursuing a legal career in Canada.
At FIDI, our mission is clear – to bridge the gap for internationally trained lawyers and others seeking to establish themselves in the Canadian legal market. We recognize the challenges these professionals face, and our program aims to provide hands-on experience, essential insights, and networking opportunities that are crucial for a successful legal career in Alberta.