Do I qualify to apply to the program?

If you are an internationally trained lawyer who has been called to a bar in a jurisdiction outside Canada and has received an Assessment from the NCA, you qualify to apply to the FIDI program. Additionally, if you are a current student or graduate of a Canadian University, you are eligible to participate in the FIDI program.

How Do I apply to the program?

To apply, please visit the link to our application form [here](insert link). You must provide an up-to-date resume and a valid photo I.D. along with your filled application form.

Can I participate in the program remotely?

No. The program is designed to be in-person and hands-on. However, a hybrid arrangement for the future is currently being explored.

Do I get paid to participate in the program?

No. The program is entirely on a volunteer basis. The time spent by lawyers and legal assistants in training participants is covered by Osuji & Smith Lawyers (the “Firm”). The Firm, however, covers FIDI participants’ NCA Assessment Application fees up to $500. FIDI is actively working on obtaining grants to assist FIDI participants.

Can I participate in the FIDI program Part-time?

Yes, FIDI is designed to be flexible. Participants can work as little as 9 hours a week, choosing to come one day a week or attend half a day for 2 days.

What is the Duration of the Program?

3 months

Do I receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program?

Yes, all participants who diligently complete the 3-month program will be presented with a FIDI Certificate of Completion.

Must I complete the 3-month duration of the program?

No. Although completing the entire 3-month duration of the program is recommended for maximum benefit, participants are allowed to stop before the 3-month period. However, only participants who complete the 3-month duration will receive a FIDI Certificate of Completion and financial support to cover their NCA Application assessment.

Can I participate in the program for more than 3 months?

Yes. While the minimum required is 3 months, participants who wish to participate longer can apply to do so at the end of the initial 3 months. Granting an extension will depend on space availability.

Can I stop the program if I get an Articling or job opportunity?

Yes. The goal of FIDI is to expose participants to Canadian legal experience while searching for Articling positions or work in the Canadian legal field. The FIDI team is delighted when participants achieve this goal.

Is this an Articling opportunity?

No. Although several Osuji & Smith Articling students were recruited from the FIDI program, successful applicants for the FIDI program are not guaranteed Articling positions at Osuji & Smith.

Can I participate in FIDI even if I am done with my Articling?

Yes. Participation will allow you to gain further legal experience and expand your network.